Student starter kit

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 01.09.2020-31.08.2023: AcSki. Development and implementation of a digital student preparatory course for developing academic skills and literacy practices.

Objectives of the project

Explore the personal and academic challenges first-year students face at the participating universities.

Explore the personal and academic challenges the academic staff experience with first-year students.

Develop and produce a set of creative preparatory videos and other forms of digital content for students based on the feedback from the first two objectives.

Develop a platform for the digital content.

Link the new digital content to other extant relevant content, such as podcasts and online courses.

Disseminate the new course through student support services and provide information about the course to all new students.

Evaluate the impact of the course on first-year students’ personal and academic state of preparedness.

Strengthen the European cooperation to improve students’ academic performance, as well as to modernize and digitalize (e-learning) higher education systems.

Present the results in meetings, at conferences and in a scientific journal.

Increase students’ attention towards mobility exchange and studying abroad.

Objectives of the project

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