Velkommen til UiS

Welcome to your Student Starter Kit venter på video Skal du studere på Universitetet i Stavanger? Bli med på en liten omvisning med Markus og Mille og bli kjent med universitetet. Du vil også få noen tips om hvordan du finner frem på campus. Velkommen! Vi gleder oss til å se deg. Other videos… Les mer»

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Welcome to your Student Starter Kit Are you going to live on your own for the first time? Awesome! Some things will most likely be quite different from what you are used to. It can take some time to adjust to a more independent lifestyle, but you will figure it out. As a student, developing… Les mer»

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Welcome to your Student Starter Kit Exams at the university may be a bit different than exams you are used to from school. We have asked some more experienced students about what to expect. They have some good tips for you, too. You can do it!  Exam preparation tips Other videos… Les mer»

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Welcome to your Student Starter Kit Sometimes it’s challenging to keep up the motivation when tings don’t go as planned or when you feel overloaded with work. Many students have been there, and it’s nothing wrong about that. Take a deep breath, there are usually several ways to reach a goal. Ever played “Snakes and… Les mer»

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