Sometimes it’s challenging to stay motivated when things don’t go as planned or when you feel overloaded with work. Many of us have been there, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Take a deep breath, there are usually several ways to reach a goal. Ever played “Snakes and Ladders”?

Let us know and see how your motivation compares to others.

We have asked three student mentors about how they motivate themselves during studying:

“During intensive study periods, I try to study with friends so we can keep each other motivated. I also try to take frequent breaks and go for walks so I can clear my head and get some fresh air. If an exam doesn’t go how I want it to and I receive a lower grade than expected, I try not to focus too much on the grade but on what I’ve learned. When I feel less motivated, I think about how I’ll use my degree later and how what I am learning is relevant to my future career.”

Joanna, studies History to become a high-school teacher

“During difficult study sessions, I tend to make myself some nutritious food and take short but frequent breaks to stay motivated and to have enough energy to work. My breaks consist of anything from getting up to taking a stretch and getting a glass of water, to taking a longer stroll in nature and just being mindful of my surroundings. If I feel very unmotivated, I find it helps to remind myself what my goals are after I finish studying; visualising what type of person I want to be in my career. But the most important thing when you’re studying hard over a longer period is to make time for nourishing your soul with your own personal interests; whether that is being creative by drawing or painting a picture, making a thoughtful gift for someone you love, or just spending some quality time together with friends and family.”

Camilla, studies English

“I am studying mechanical engineering so what motivates me is the fun work I’ll do after I’m done with the 5 years of studying. If you have a goal and you achieve that goal and it can help other people, then good rewards will come with it. It’s what I think about all the time to keep myself disciplined and motivated. Sometimes, however, I still feel very tempted to skip a class that is streamed, and I do so occasionally, but then I rewatch these classes asap. Otherwise, I know it’ll be very difficult to keep up with the upcoming assignments. If I don’t look at the classes again, I know I won’t achieve the grade I want in the class. This is what motivates me to continue studying when there are challenges, to simply reach the grade I want even if there are challenges. If I still don’t reach that grade, I just use the mindset of getting a better grade in the next course to balance that grade out.”

Muhammad, studies Mechanical Engineering

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