Time management 

As a student, you have to get used to working independently and managing your time on your own. Sometimes, it’s tempting to prioritize other things than your studies, but using your time productively and efficiently leaves you time for both – and helps you to succeed as a student. There is often no right or wrong when choosing what to do when. The outcome of your choice, however, can vary. How would you use your time in the following situations? Be honest 🙂 

Situation 1

Situation 2

Off time is very important, especially if you have an exam coming up. Taking breaks and finding a good balance between work and recreation also in work-intensive phases helps you to stay focused when you have to. Just don’t forget to keep track of your study tasks 😊 What about making a weekly planner to get an overview and to organise the work you need to get done early enough? 

A weekly planner can include everything, for example social time with friends, eating healthy food, your favourite leisure activity, and time to study.

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