Classes at university

Classes at university can be different from classes in high school, and they can vary depending on what you’re studying. Take a look and learn more about some types of university classes. … Les mer»

Life skills

Are you going to live on your own for the first time? Awesome! Some things will most likely be quite different from what you’re used to, but you’ll figure it out. … Les mer»

Student budget

Many of us have to manage our finances ourselves for the first time when starting at university. Tracking your expenses and budgeting for the month are important aspects of financial management. Nobody likes to be “that friend” who needs to ask their friends for a loan in the middle of the month. … Les mer»

Social life

Most universities offer a wide range of social activities. If you want to impact your student environment, you can also get engaged in student organizations. Participating is a great way to make new friends! … Les mer»


Sometimes it’s challenging to stay motivated when things don’t go as planned or when you feel overloaded with work. Many of us have been there, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Take a deep breath, there are usually several ways to reach a goal. Ever played “Snakes and Ladders”?… Les mer»


Exams, assignments, essays, meeting friends, working out, washing clothes… Too much on your plate? Basic study techniques help you organize your day and study productively. … Les mer»

Time management

As a student, you have to get used to working independently and managing your time on your own. Sometimes, it’s tempting to prioritize other things than your studies, but using your time productively and efficiently leaves you time for both – and helps you to succeed as a student. There is often no right or wrong when choosing what to do when. The outcome of your choice, however, can vary. How would you use your time in the following situations? Be honest… Les mer»


Exams at the university may be a bit different from exams you are used to from school. We’ve asked experienced students about what to expect. You can do it!  … Les mer»

Academic writing

Academic writing is the style of writing at universities. In the beginning, it can be challenging to know the differences between academic and non-academic writing. However, as soon as you’e familiar with the main principles of academic writing, it becomes easier. You’ll also recognize some central aspects you’re already used to from high school.… Les mer»